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Fashionable Cardigan

A fashionable sweater made out of premium polyester & spandex with artificial wool collar.
The elegant design and length with comfortable texture will ensure its practicability and popularity among women dressing in their daily life.
Good gift choice for girlfriends, wife or mother. 



Color: Grey, Black, Khaki
Material: Poylester & Spandex.
High quality for durable and comfortable wearing.
Most fashion-forward designs with impeccable craftsmanship.
Lightweight and easy to wash and clean.
Size XL: Bust: Approx. 96cm; Waist: Approx. 78cm; Length: Approx. 71cm.
Size L: Bust: Approx. 92cm; Waist: Approx. 74cm; Length: Approx. 70cm.
Size M: Bust: Approx. 88cm; Waist: Approx. 70cm; Length: Approx. 69cm.
Size S: Bust: Approx. 84cm; Waist: Approx. 66cm; Length: Approx. 68cm